Saturday, August 9, 2008

Porch's Take Out, 3025 Comox Road, Courtenay, B.C - - (250) 339-4383

Hamburger with cheese

Working for a radio station means putting long hours into various community events, such as this past weekend when I was stationed in Comox for "Nautical Days": a 3 day event, which required me to stand in the sun for 5-8 hours per day. A strenuous task which has its rewards, such as being able to dine at many of the food vendors who all vie for your business. Porch's is a regular vendor. I had the opportunity to feast on their food at many local events such as the Vancouver Island Music Fest and Canada Day in Campbell River. They seem to be the only vendor who really pride themselves on their burgers.

I have never tried a Porch's burger from their home base location in Courtenay, but have driven by it many times on the way to Comox. It's a shack looking place that sits on a gravel lot right beside the waterfront off the highway.

Their burger is simple with a great, chewy bun. The onions are cooked and add to the burgers savory demeanor. The cheese could have been melted a little better, but the patty was decent. It was definitly pre-made, tasting very similar to an M&M meat shop sirloin burger(I'm not accusing them of not making their own patties, just pointing out that it tastes similar to M&M's).

I would be upset if Porch's claim to be the "best burgers around" was actually true, but aside from over rating themselves, they still put out a good product. The price is very fair.

Verdict: Whenever I go to a local community event, Porch's is there, and usually wins my business. Not the best burger around, but not bad.


Carter said...

The sign says 'The Original Porch's.' Does that mean there's some shoddy knock-off Porch's burger stand around?

seahag said...

I went to the permanent one on Comox Rd. by the water, and the Halibut burger was fantastic. My bf had the cheese burger and loved it, and the fries rocked..... Definetly going back. The Veggie burger looked amazing too. The guys that run it are awesome!!! Thanks for some tasty dinner.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I travel from Australia to Canada I definately put a date into my calendar to visit Porch's Take Out and drive up from Victoria. I am not a huge 'fast foodie' but the whole menu is divine and I savour every bite. The staff are exceptionally friendly also and go out of their way to put a smile on your face.

Anonymous said...

had an order of deep fried shrimp that was so amazing with their homemade seafood sauce. also their seafood chowder just made that morning was exceptional. my lady friend claimed the fish tacos were the best she's had ever.