Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Splitz Grill — Vancouver BC — 4242 Main Street — 604-875-9711 — www.splitzgrill.com

Legendary Splitz Burger
$5.50 (add $1.00 cheese, $1.25 bacon, $1.00 fried onions)

A shake-up in the Splitz world means a big gain for the Vancouver burger landscape. After handing over their Whistler location to some old friends, Trevor and Miriam Jackson (founders of Splitz Grill) moved to Vancouver and opened the Main Street location in January of 2008.

During it's short time in Vancouver it has already been hailed as the best burger joint in the city (by Eat Magazine), and one of the top ten new restaurants in town (by Vancouver Magazine).

Anytime the viciously loyal Vera's Burger Shack supporters start gazing elsewhere, you know something special is happening. With a smile on my face, and joy in my heart, I set out to Vancouver last week to check out this new boy on the burger block.

Splitz allows you to choose from over 20 different condiments and toppings. Unlike some American burger joints (ie. Sutter's Grill in San Francisco, or Sarge's Burger Bunker in Tonasket) Splitz doesn't allow self serve. This is a minor complaint though, as the burgermeisters are generous with toppings, and didn't even flinch when I asked for extra pickle.

I went for lettuce, red onion, bacon, cheese (cheddar and swiss), fried onions, sprouts, pickles, and Splitz Sauce on my burger. Splitz Sauce is a mixture of garlic, dill, mayo, sour cream, tabasco, worcestshire, a dash of salt, and a pinch of pepper. It's a unique signature condiment that never stresses the wisely picked sesame seed bun.

The bun is certainly superior to your average burger housing, while still retaining a classic diner feel. The patty was juicy, and the meat a good quality. Unfortunately the sprouts took away from the burger flavour: a foolish topping pick on my part.

Given the accolades Splitz has received, I was pretty excited to try this burger. As you'll see in the pictures, I didn't even have the common courtesy to remove my hat before eating.

I don't have much to compare Splitz to. I'm still a little wet behind the ears when it comes Vancouver area burgers. I've been to a couple of the heavyweights (Vera's and Burger Heaven out in New West) but I'm far from having my finger on the pulse of the GVRD burger scene.

That being said, Splitz completely owns Vera's. Splitz certainly loses points for not having fried egg as an option, but in general the options are greater here. The overall flavour is much better than Vera's, and their vanilla shakes are wicked too.

VERDICT: Worthy of the accolades, but probably not quite the number one in Vancouver.

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