Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rose's Burger Bus — Courtenay — Top of Mission Hill/4915 North Island Highway — 250-334-0405

Bacon Cheeseburger

Rose's is part of a very rare breed: there aren't a lot of humble, classic style burger-shacks on the island. Rose's name is perhaps a little misleading, but if you go around the backside of the place, you will notice the kitchen is in a shortbus. Being next to a tack shop, Rose's is a common stop for island bikers, and if I lived in the area it would probably be a regular stop for me too (despite their inflated burger pricing).

Rose's Bacon Cheeseburger is a remarkably compatible unit. Imagine this burger as the family down the street who always seemed eerily harmonious. You've got little brother bacon and cheese, an attention grabber. You recognize him quickly, but you know he's still just a shadow of the core of the family unit: daddy beef patty. Little sister lettuce and green relish sits on the sidelines, but makes a vital contribution, and mama bun holds the whole works together.

Perhaps I'm getting a little too poetic here, but this burger really is a lesson in the importance of having burger elements that compliment each other. The ingredients here are incredibly simple: 4oz pre-fab patty, processed cheese, cheap white bun, fried onions and lettuce, green relish and mayo. Because none of the ingredients try to upstage each other, you end up with an incredibly delicious union. Rose's does a wonderful job of proving you can make an excellent burger without being fancy; and that's no small feat.

VERDICT: The price is a little steep considering its pre-fab nature, but this is an expertly crafted shack-style burger. Definitely worth checking out.

NOTE: Rose's is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-3PM


Gaetano said...

roses hasn't had a bad review since the tack shop opened up next door

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