Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ripple Rock Pub, 2231 South Island Highway, Campbell River, B.C - - (250) 923-1782

Ripple Rock Burger
(Homemade beef patty, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle, mayo)
For cheese and bacon add an extra $1.50

Located in historic, and newly revamped Willow Point, the Ripple Rock pub is named after the famous underwater, twin-peaked mountain in Discovery Passage, that wreaked havoc on ships for centuries, before it was blown up on April 5, 1958. The man made explosion, which was broadcast live on CBC, took years to plan, and involved several underground tunnels filled with explosives.

The pub is in a nice building that was probably built no more than two years ago. It's location is prime. Jutting out at an angle towards the highway, its difficult not to notice it when your coming into town. I would not be surprised if this place has been tried many times just because of it's location.

I was really hungry so I ordered a starter. The sushi looked like the best deal for appetizers, as mostly everything else was over ten dollars. They try to make a nice impression by putting the wasabi and pickled ginger into a wonton soup spoon, but the sushi was horrible. The rice was chewy and tasted like it was sitting in a metal bowl in a fridge for 5 days. I'm not even positive that it was rice.

Now obviously, the main reason why I came here was to try the burger. Initially it was brought out to me by a waitress who tried to get away without putting the cheese on. "They ran out of cheese," she hastily suggested, hoping that I would be as compliant with her as I was in previous conversation. "No no no," i quickly retorted, shaking my head side by side while grinning in disbelief. "Go tell them to put a different kind on, Edam, whatever, I don't care, but I'm not eating this burger unless there is cheese on it." She replied with an "ok" and quickly grabbed the platter before scuttling into the kitchen.

When the burger came back three minutes later, there was definitely cheddar cheese on it. "They ran to the store and just grabbed some," said the lying waitress. Anyways, the burger was clearly microwaved, as the bottom of the bun was just soaking in grease, and the burger as a unit was unbelievably warm. Little pockets of toughness in the bun signified definite microwave burn. As I held the burger in my hand, it fell apart in an instant, and the patty crumbled onto the plate. At times, it seemed as if I was navigating the forest, and not eating a burger. The piece of lettuce was ridiculous. It was obviously just pulled out of the lettuce tray and hastily laid on top without any recognition. A word to line cooks: it might look nice, but it's fucking annoying taking a pair of scissors to my burger lettuce before consumption.

Now the taste of the patty itself, wasn't bad. I had some good opportunities eating patty by itself, because barely any of it wanted to stay in the bun. It had a sweetness that I enjoyed. And they put a shit load of bacon on. I mean a shit load. More often than not I was eating a bacon burger instead of a beef with bacon burger.

Verdict: Way to expensive and never again. Please don't microwave my burger.


dk said...


fucking brutal

Lawrence Lewis for Chief said... may be pleased to know that the Ripple Rock Pub under its previous ownership failed and closed its doors last summer in July 2009. It was quite an unremarkable restaurant that had far more potential than it ever realized.

My wife and I purchased the Ripple Rock late last fall and will re-open the New Ripple Rock later in February. Our standards and priority will of course be focused on great tasting food and customer service.

We have a background in restaurants and pubs (we presently own and operate the Landing Bar & Grill on Quadra Island - you should come up for our famous 10oz Landing Burger some time!)

When we reopen we would invite you to visit the New RR and try one of OUR burger creations.

All the best...and hopefully we'll see you at the New Ripple Rock in 2010!