Sunday, July 13, 2008

Make Your Own FatKreme!

The history of the FatKreme is fairly well documented here, so I won`t bother going into it too much.

Here`s a condensed version of its history:

The FatKreme was first documented online by blogger Neon Epiphany. This early version featured two donuts, a Fatburger patty, and a glut of toppings (fried egg, lettuce, bacon etc.).

A variation on the burger eventually found its way into Mulligan`s Pub in Georgia, and later the ballpark of the Gateway Grizzlies (an independent league team from Sauget Illinois). The Baseball Diaries Blog reviewed the burger, the review was picked up by AHT, and that`s when it first came to my attention.

Without further adieu, I present you with a guide to making your own FatKreme (or whatever you want to call it).


You can get this from any fast food joint you choose, or even make your own patty, but I've always gone with McDonald's. I find the McDonald's patty offers good burger to doughnut ratio, and it only costs about two dollars. As an alternative to McDonald's, I would suggest the Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheese. Make sure you order it with no condiments, you won't need them where you're going.


This step is a little more difficult (the closest Krispy Kreme to Victoria is in Delta). The only way to buy Krispy Kremes in Victoria is if you catch a doughnut sale at one of the local department stores. These sales are few and far between, but I was lucky enough to catch one at the Bay's downtown location. The best way to find out about these sales is to have a friend or relative within the organization having the sale, or to check the community calendar in your local paper.


You can go oldschool and use two doughnuts, but you'll have a better experience just using one. A single doughnut is easier to hold, and won't make you suffer from any sort of extreme Kreme rush. Using a grill to toast the doughnut is preferable, but an oven (or toaster oven) can be used almost as effectively. If using an oven, make sure to put the doughnut halves on some sort of tray or rack. This should be obvious, but you only want the unglazed side to be toasted. The glaze is the only condiment you've got on this burger, and you don't want to lose any to the bottom of your oven.


Take your double bacon cheeseburger, take it out of it's bun and place it between the two burger halves. Place the halves glazed sized in (this ensures the glaze will fuse with the patties).

There you have it! The Bacon Double Kremeburger! This is one of the best things you'll ever taste. There are truly no words.


Gaetano said...

now, im not one to judge on eating unhealthy. I man a fucking buffet blog for fucks sake, but this looks like something out of elvis pressleys cook book. im afraid if i try this, its the nail in the coffin

Jordan Stout said...

truly savage

dk said...

This is actually relatively tame by doughnut burger standards. Some people will go for double doughnuts, and extra burger toppings.

I prefer this simplified version. The toasted halves make it a lot less messy, and you really don't need more than bacon and cheese for toppings.

Gaetano said...

do you know of any doughnuts i can acquire in the campbell river region that mimmick the FatKreme?

dk said...

you have to use krispy kreme

don't worry, I have tons in my freezer, we can do some up next time you're in town