Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jigger's Grill — Campbell River — 2660 Spit Road — 250-850-2521

Bacon Cheeseburger

Who knew a throwaway trip to Campbell River could result in such a find. A couple of weeks ago I sashayed my way up island to visit blog contributor Guy Alaimo, and to do some camping on Hornby. Before making our way to the Denman Ferry, Guy took me to this trailer-come-diner. They push the pies pretty heavy down at Jigger's, but that doesn't mean they're a one trick pony.

Jigger's is about as good as a diner burger gets. The condiment selection is simple, the cheese processed, and the burger juicy. The top bun is given a healthy (but not overabundant) swish of mayo, and the bottom is wisely adorned with mustard and big slices of raw onion. My colleague Guy is not a big fan of mustard and onions, but I consider them the perfect choice for this kind of burger.

The burger itself is homemade and juicy, although the bun used to house it is perhaps a tad over-toasted.

Jigger's makes an extremely satisfying burger. They choose to do things right, rather than do things fancy. There's good reason why this place is a local favourite.


I first heard about Jigger's Grill from a woman smoking a cigarette outside Joey's Only Fish and Chips, just around the bend from Jigger's. According to her, Jigger's is a local favorite, and a good place to go for burgers.

Located just across the street from "The Spit", home of chicken bones and salami shoved into size 12 running shoes; Jigger's Grill offers a beef patty that is just slightly charred, offering a tad bit of BBQ sweetness to this delectable burger. The patty was savory and delicious, not thick, but complemented well with mayonnaise and simple condiments. Very often restaurants will provide a patty that is bland, and not very tasty: it is actually rare to eat a patty with flavour. Most beef patties rely on condiments to carry the flavour: not at Jiggers.

The crisp bacon lay perfectly across the top of the beef, and added even more flavour to an already flavour packed burger. The price is very reasonable, coming out to under ten dollars.

VERDICT: This will be my first meal stop next time I'm in Campbell River, and it should be yours too.


Gaetano said...

just a great place to go in campbell river. this morning i went to Banners, just down the road from Jiggers, and they also have a burger worth mentioning. stay tuned for an update in the next week

dk said...

Wow, I'm surprised a chain like Banners would have something notable.

Gaetano said...

shit i had no idea they were a chain!
its a pretty good burger!

Belly said...

Lived in Cr for 2 years now and this is the first Ive heard of Jigger's. Ill have to stop by for a burg. The Ideal Cafe is also worth checking out, they have add-ons for every mood.

BTW Splitz Grill in Whistler is fantastic for burgers/wraps. Kinda like Harveys but waaaaaaay better. One of the best burgers Ive had.

Alan Oakley. said...

Hi I am the owner of Willies Cafe in Willow point, Campbell River. I have the best burgers in town. Come on down and try our new 'MONSTER' burger next time you are in town.

rotisserie said...

Grilled burgers...always a great treat. This is indeed exceptional that a chain like Banners would have something remarkable.:)Good job!:)