Friday, July 18, 2008

Fatburger — Vancouver — 1101 Denman Street — 604-689-8858

Fatburger w/ Bacon and Cheese

Editor's Note: Please enjoy Miles Bissky's first contribution to the Victoria Burger Blog. We hope it's one of many from our new Vancouver Burger Correspondent!

I first discovered Fat Burger while still in honeymoon mode. My wife was at a conference on Denman street and I happened to come across the Fat Burger location there. I was immediately drawn to the King Burger, it's thick patty is juicy and extremely tasty. They only use fresh not frozen beef and make all the burgers at the time of order. Unfortunately this can extend the wait for your burger to about 15 minutes, but it is worth it. Another issue is I find them slightly pricey, especially for the smaller burgers. The smaller "Fat" (not king size), burgers have another fault, they seem to get dried out more easily and they don't seem to stand up to the bun quite as well as the King or Double King sizes.

Having had great Fat Burger experiences at all three lower mainland locations I was surprised when I ordered the regular sized Fat Burger that it was so dry and chewy. If you are going to go to a Fat order either the King or my favorite, the Double King which is one pound of beef; this burger is just the right amount if you don't order fries. Their bacon is reasonably good quality, the smoke flavour can be detected and they use a classic complement of toppings. They do toast their buns but they seem to be toasted by a 12V or similarily low power version. Overall, the old addage is particularily true at Fat, go big (on the patties) or go home with a dry and disappointing burg.

VERDICT: If you choose your burger wisely, you'll have a wonderful fast food experience at Fatburger.


Gaetano said...

fuck i wish their was a fat burger on the island. the island sucks!

motormouth said...

Yeah, the island sucks. You should leave it...