Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victoria News announces "Best of the City"

Best of the city? More like best of the shitty!

Every year the Victoria News releases an often vexing look at the best businesses and restaurants in Victoria. If you're the type that thinks Taco-Time is superior mexican cuisine... this is the publication for you!

The editor's note says that Best of the City delivers, "a good dose of community pride" and "allows us to take the pulse of Victoria".

Having not seen the questionaire sent to readers, I can't comment much on BOC's survey style, but the word "questionaire" leads me to believe this was an open forum, rather than a "pick your favourites from a list" type of affair.

Now is not the time to critique the process, however, now is the time to critique the results....

As always, Vic News has compiled a short list of the city's best burgers. The list, with comment from myself, is as follows:

#3 Red Robin

In terms of menu diversification, Red Robin is certainly the best chain restaurant when it comes to burgers — but it's certainly not a top three in the city. Their burgers are tasty enough, but lately they've slipped a little, and the food never makes you forget you're at a chain.

I've given Red Robin favourable reviews in the past, but it simply doesn't belong with the elite of the city.

#2 A&W

Wow, for real? How does a massive fast food empire like A&W end up on this list? We've got the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America, and this is what they come up with for the #2 burger joint in Victoria?

I'm as nostalgic about my trips to the old A&W drive-in as the next guy, but it's an absolute farce to give these guys a silver medal. Even putting A&W this high up on a list of fast-food burgers could be questionable. Does everyone voting in BOC live off the upper end of Douglas Street?

Everyone knows the Teen Burger is the only decent burger at A&W. At least half of their other options don't even come standard with cheese (or toppings).

How the hell does a place that puts mozza on their burgers end up #2? NO ONE LIKES MOZZA ON THEIR BURGERS!!!!!!

#1... Wait for it... White Spot!!????

Surely you jest Victoria News. Local pride can't even explain away this pick (White Spot was started in Vancouver by Nat Bailey).

Victoria's flagship White Spot (at the corner of Caledonia and Douglas) is by far the worst White Spot I've ever ate at. It's the only place in the world where an egg can find its way into a vanilla milkshake.

Is this just a brand recognition contest, or do Victorians seriously consider this the best in the city? Are Victorians honestly so in awe of Triple O sauce that they feel the need to choose White Spot over all other burger joints?

Well allow me free you from the Triple O reins! The sauce is really quite simple — mayo, honey, paprika. Now you can go ahead and make your burger at home (maybe one without a paper-thin, dry patty). The mystery's over.

Wrap Up

So there you have it; these are the places that Victorians deem the "best in the city".

How in the fuck does a list that is compiled of nothing but chain restaurants succeed in "taking the pulse of Victoria"? None of these chains even have local roots. Eating at White Spot, or A&W, might be nostalgic — but it sure as hell doesn't instill a sense of civic pride. This burger list is an absolute joke. Victoria doesn't have a huge burger culture, but we're certainly better than this list indicates.

Here's my current top 3 burgers in Victoria... it's a list that's forever changing...

Canoe Club

Loghouse Pub

Glo Europub


Gaetano said...

excellent breakdown of A and W. Ive been eating there alot lately because their summer coupon flyer's are everywhere, and i think 2 mamas for 4 dollars is a good deal, and 2 papas for 6 is alright. but its a dollar extra for cheese, so the deal is not really that great..wendys is better. the baconator is a hand in the pants.

i don't think victoria news actually goes out and eats that many burgers from different places. they must simply not have the resources that the victoria burger blog has. that being said, it is absolutely ridiculous, and extremely obnoxious for the victoria news to deem something "THE BEST OF THE CITY" when it is clear that they have not done their research. they are lieing to the city of victoria by printing this crap. the victoria news are a bunch of liars. and i don't even want to hear this "its ouuur opinion" bullshit argument, because i know thats what their defense is going to be. it always is. but they make it so obvious they are full of shit by printing this diarrhea, and convincing victorians to spend their money on some shitty chain restaurant food, while some actual burger joints who put care into their food, get discredited.. fucking ridiculous, what a joke. the city of victoria is plagued by fucking morons like the victoria newsgroup; idiot journalists who spend more time at the blethering place drinking tea and eating scones with their scottish grannies, then taking the time to print something they firmly believe in. shame on you victoria news, and fuck you

David said...

I agree with your opinion of The Victoria News, for many reasons, but I just wanted to mention that the Best of Victoria is a popularity contest, based on a write-in questionaire wherein readers are encouraged to fill in their favourites for forty different categories. Therefore, Cafe Mexico is considered Best Mexican, because the average person's never eaten at any other local Mexican place (except for the aforementioned Taco Bell). Because Victorian are an unadventurous lot, the poll reflects that.

At least The Marina came in #2 in Best Sunday Brunch (or whatever they called the buffet-type category). It probably deserved #1, but I was just happy to see a deserving restaurant place.

David said...

I meant Taco Time, not Taco Bell. I dream of this city haviing a Taco Bell. But that's my dirty little secret.

dk said...

we all dream of this city having a taco bell.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have ever been to a blog! So, sorry if I ask a question you have already answered. Have you ever tried the Stilton and Backbacon burger at the 6 Mile Pub? It is my favorite so far. The beef was ever so slightly overcooked but the Stilton sauce combined with the sweet apple chutney is an unbelievable combanation of flavours. Their patio is very nice, cooler than inside on a warm day.