Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quality Fast Foods — Microwave Double Cheeseburgers —

Microwave Double Cheeseburger
(available at fine Mac's Convenience Stores everywhere)

This was not my first foray into the world of microwavable burgers. On a warm James Bay night some years ago I remember my first plunge into true dirtball cuisine. I'd had my fair share of convenience store eats, but I felt a little like I was crossing a line when I mange-d my first micro-burg.

What was so dirtball about eating microwavable meat? Aren't the taquito and energy drink dinners I've enjoyed in many a 7/11 parking lot just as greasy?

The short answer is no: taquitos are served in their natural state, a micro-burg is not. But far be it from me to shy away from a second rendezvous with the burger Quality Fast Foods calls "The Winner!"

Years ago when I took my first bite of a microwavable burger, I was struck by the chewiness of the bun — it was like if Hubba Bubba started making hamburger buns. This time, however, my bun was only mildly chewy.

My first few bites of the burger were au naturel (no condiments, just the cheese that comes with the burger). The chemical cheese is mighty tasty, but the meat is incredibly bland (you don't even taste salt).

It's possible to eat a microwavable burger as is, but I highly recommend adding condiments; throw some mayo and mustard on this baby and it rivals some of the more pedestrian fast-food offerings out there.

Guy Alaimo chimes in!

So you’re drunk on a Tuesday night and you decide to go out and get something to eat. Usually you don’t have a problem finding meals when it’s this late and you’re this drunk, but on a Tuesday the options are limited. So you pass on trying McDonalds because the drive thru is the only thing open and you don’t want to get your third 24 hour suspension in as many months.

You think pizza, but then realize Athena’s is the only joint open in town. Not wanting to go very far, you remember that Mac’s is always open and hope to grab some Doritos, only thing is, when you get there you notice something that resembles a hamburger sitting on the top shelf of the cooler by the microwave. You take the hamburger looking thing out of its wrapper and pop it in the microwave.

What ends up coming out is a warm and comforting meal that is unique, unlike any other burger experience. The warmth of the bun, along with the warm meat and cheese, combine forces that can only be enhanced with a nice plop of mayo or whatever custom toppings you choose. The end result is an addicting burger that will have you going back for seconds.

VERDICT: Nothing's better than parking lot taquitos.... but don't rule out micro-cheesburgs as a second option.


Mackenzie said...

my name is mackenzie and i have been searching for these microwavable cheeseburger that were once sold at turkey hill uni marts they no longer sell them and i was looking to purchase them do you know how i can buy them without traveling to canada because i live in Pennsylvania and that is a far way to travel. please let me know or if you know the actual name of the manufacturer that would greatly help me too!!!

Shaylize Jay said...
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