Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bimo Burger Stand — Esquimalt — 878 Viewfield Road — 250-360-2955

Bacon Cheeseburger


Bimo Burger Stand, formerly known as JV's, is a bit of an Esquimalt institution (I'm sure many a special family moment has been shared over a Bimo burger).

So is Bimo strictly a family affair, or can a single guy enjoy their digs as well?

The Bimo burger benefits from a classic condiment and toppings mix. Shredded lettuce and mayo on top, mustard and chopped onion on the bottom. The toppings are fresh, the bacon is crisp, and the kaiser bun a fitting match.

Bimo offers up a burger that is on-par with some of your higher quality fast-food offerings, but also suffers from the same shortcomings. Ignoring the lessons learned by Fairfield Fish and Chips, and other formerly freezer happy burger-flippers, Bimo dishes up a pre-frozen patty. The patty is incredibly chewy, and diminishes the nostalgic noshing experience that is felt when visiting a burger stand. A switch to never-frozen could really round this place out, and enshrine it's place in Esquimalt folklore.

VERDICT: They do a good job masking the shortcomings of their patty, but fall short of being a classic burger stand.


David said...

Their shakes and poutine are pretty good. I suppose I mostly agree with your assessment of their burgers though.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your review. Maybe that was 2years ago? Since 2009 til now, i find their burgers very tasty. The patty is much thicker to the traditional patty you buy. Their poutine are awesome too.

Shauna said...

I love this burger stand. Their poutine is like crack....very addicting! They're gravy is the best I have ever had and they use the authentic cheese curds. Have had a bacon/cheese dog from their also and enjoy this place immensely. Esquimalt's hidden gem!