Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pizza AllNite — 2714 Quadra Street — 382-9991

Bacon Cheeseburger

Pizza AllNite is one of my favourite neighbourhood spots. Sure the prices have jumped a little over the years, and they don't have all-you-can-eat Tuesdays anymore — but they're one of the most humble, friendly (and tasty) pizza places in town.

Pizza AllNite updated their menu recently to include, amongst other items, burgers. Making a burger in a pizza oven is no easy task: burgers just aren't meant to be cooked in an oven. Pizza Pieman's demise could be partially attributed to their dryer than an Osoyoos sidewalk burgers.

Given my previous (albeit limited) experience with pizza burgers, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from Pizza AllNite. I figured this was probably a Bunsen Burger: just an experiment headed towards inevitable failure. Thankfully Pizza AllNite brings the same casual care to their burgers as they do to their pizza.

This burger is cooked inside a small cake pan, and manages to retain an incredible amount of juiciness. Not only is it juicy — it's also a thick, homemade patty. Housing the patty is a D'Italiano style bun: this offers a good bun:burger ratio, but it isn't quite as tasty as the pizza buns Pieman used to use.

Topping the whole thing off is a handful of cubed bacon and an incredible amount of cheese: the cheddar was actually oozing over the sides.

One more thing to note about this burger — the patty tastes remarkably like Wendy's.

Verdict: Surprisingly pleasant: a humble, homestyle burger I'd be happy to eat again.


Gaetano said...

i would kill for the all u can eat pizza to come back

Jordan Stout said...

if you're ever looking to spend a sunny afternoon with some poultry i must suggest the pancetta chicken burger at the local kitchen on wharf street (in bastion square). top notch.

Anonymous said...

I have tried their burgers as well, thanks to this blog and I found it amazing. But I do have to say that if you think their burgers are good you should give their pizzas a try, now there's something really worth writing about, INCREDIBLE!!!!

dk said...

yah it's pretty much the only place I order pizza from.

I still pine for the day when they had all-you-can eat.