Saturday, May 10, 2008

Loghouse Pub — 2323 Millstream Road — Langford — 250-474-1989 —

Pearl River Burger

Every once in a while people start recommending burgers on the Livevictoria forums. Strangely the Loghouse Pub recommendation came from a "Best Restaurants" thread, and not the "Best Burgers" thread. I was completely oblivious to the existence of the Loghouse Pub, but figured the fat bastards that frequent the Livevictoria forums probably know a thing or two about eating in Langford.

The Loghouse Burger Menu reminds me of the late, lamented Logan's Pub Menu. Before their menu change, Logan's was easily the best burger spot in Victoria. With a twinkle in my eye, and a hole in my stomach, I scanned the Loghouse menu. After some soul-searching I settled on the Pearl River Burger.

Bleu cheese and bacon are a match made in heaven. Put them on top of 6oz of home-made beef patty, and you've got one of the best burgers in the capital region. Thank god they keep things simple too. After seeing so many ill-fated bun experiments, I was happy to see Loghouse go with classic sesame seed.

My only qualm with this burger was the amount of chipotle mayo: it needed about a dollop more.

Loghouse Pub offers seven different beef burgers (including a swiss burger with a wicked brandy peppercorn sauce) and a number of chicken and fish options too. Not only do they have an incredible number of menu options, the quality is excellent. A lot of places could take cues from the simplicity and TLC Loghouse projects.

Verdict: Easily one of the best in the region. A must-see if you're ever headed through Langford.


Gaetano said...

i must say the burger i had at the loghouse was fuckin deese.

any chances of a swiss chalet burger review?

Jordan Stout said...

wonderful pub, has been for some time.

in burger news, check out this review from the national post no that new mcdonald's angus thing:

this guy is clearly in love with himself as well as mcdonalds, and is likely making a nice chunk of change reviewing it so fondly.

i always enjoy the credibility found here at the VBB - keep it up team.

dk said...

Nice find on that review Stout.

You're right, he's totally full of shit: tries to make adding a tomato to burger sound like building the fucking roman aqueducts.

The VBB will never accept burger payola, nor will we ever alert a restaurant to our reviewer status before we order.

Gaetano said...

thanks for the link jord

WHAT! IS THAT GUY SMOKING CRACK!? He must have been served the royal families angus burger, because the "garlic" mayo he speaks of tasted like regular mayo, and the "premium, delicious" beef patty he speaks of is one of the most disgusting patties ive ever tried; kind of tastes like an over sized cheeseburger patty, without the grease to hide the shitty taste. fuck i love mcdonalds, ill be the first to tell you i eat that shit every week. but come on. what a bunch of fucking bullshit. why do u need a paragraph for fucking onions? this is a joke.

Eater of burgers said...

For those who care, the Loghouse Pub is getting a revamp... some new items and such.

The Pearl River Burger is still there, plus more...

Officially, I heard that the new menu won't be out until late next week or so.

So stop by after Dec 1st. and see what's what.

BTW, the Ahi Tuna burger with cheddar is unbelievable.