Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fast Food- McDonald's Angus Burger

Angus burger with cheese and bacon
$5.99 + tax

Watching T.V the other night, I took notice of something that I'm sure many other Canadians caught notice of as well; new McDonald's commercials advertising a brand new "Angus" burger. Being fat, I grabbed the keys to my parents car and hit the drive-thru and ordered the burger which came in a rather large container, about the size of 2 Big Mac containers side by side.

Over the past few years, many fast food restaurants you know and love have tried to push Angus and Sirloin into your belly. Burger King introduced it's line of steak burgers. Harveys has had one for a long time. A&W even tried to entice people with an angus burger. As all the fast food chains battled it out for sirloin supremacy, McDonald's waded in the wind and took some time before deciding to release their version of the recent fast food craze.

The anticipation was making my heart stop, so i cut to the chase and opened the sucker. First thing I noticed was it's lack of aroma. It smelt like any other ordinary McDonald's burger, just this one is a 1/3 of a pound. For an over the top eye popping t.v commercial, $6.50 in gas and $5.99 plus tax just for a burger, my dreams of a new McDonald's treat were shattered.

Picking it up with both hands, I took my first bite: tasteless. The patty was bland and boring. The only thing livening it up was the soft ciabatta bun, bacon, lettuce, red onion and real cheese. If it were not for the mayo, we would have had a toss out the window on our hands. But alas, like it always does, mayo saved the day. If I had to come up with a creative writing description for McDonald's brand new "Angus" burger, it would be called the "Barry Bonds of Big Xtra's", or just the Big Xtra on steroids.

Will I return to this burger? Heavens no! Big Mac's are half the price, and actually have something called...whats it called again? Flavour? In the end, eating the Angus burger was just a little more thrilling than drinking Brita filtered water.


dk said...

Steak burgers seem to be the fast-food equivalent of the Kobe Beef Burger: a lot of hype, a lot of money, but far from a revelation.

Gaetano said...

a lot of money is damn right.
almost 7 bucks after taxes for a shitty burger.
not to mention the how much money on gas i'm spending idling my car in the drive thru because for whatever reason they lock the doors at midnigh t so i cant walk in. its bullshit. what the fuck is going on with the world today. you cant even eat inside a mcdonalds after 11. ahh fuck, shit why am i not sleeping right now.

Anonymous said...

:( i miss the big xtra

Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

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