Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fairfield Fish and Chips — 1275 Fairfield Road — (250) 380-6880 — http://members.shaw.ca/fairfieldfishandchips/


If Red Robin is the #1 pick of the troglodyte hordes that cast their votes in the Victoria News' "Best of Victoria Poll" — Fairfield Fish and Chips is the choice of the more discerning Victoria burger fan. Many consider Fairfield to have the best burger in the city, and the myriad of newspaper clippings that wallpaper this tiny take-out are proof that many critics agree.

...so does Fairfield Fish and Chips live up to the hype?

I can't help but compare Fairfield to the city's other popular fish and chips take-out (Willow's Galley in Oak Bay). Fairfield offers a bare bones condiment mix (ketchup, mustard, mayo) which isn't quite as satisfying as the Willow's mix (they make up for this elsewhere though).

Fairfield uses much better beef than Willow's, and also pulls ahead by making some cute personal touches. The burger comes with thick slices of dill pickle, and a sliver of red pepper sailing on top of the condiments. Add fried onions to the mix, and bingo-bango: you've got a burger. The patty was perhaps left on the grill a minute too long, and maybe the bun could have been toasted a bit more, but these problems were barely recognizable.

Sadly Fairfield Fish and Chips doesn't offer bacon as a topping, and for some inconcievable reason there's no milkshake machine either. Space constrictions might explain the lack of a milkshake machine, but there's always room for bacon.

Verdict: Not the best in the city, but a pretty good diner-style burger.


Gaetano said...

very nice review. by the looks of the pictures you posted, the burger even looks like the willows galley burger.
i hit it a few years back and i remember a really thick juicy patty.

Jo-Lee said...

So far, I've had two biggers at somewhat illogical spots...maybe you should try them and see what you think. They are:

1. medgrill on West Saanich Road - to be consumed with polenta fries
2. Canoe Club - restaurant side. Brioche buns from that place on Blanshard that I can't remember the name of...

There is also supposed to be a great burger stand in Esquimalt, but I haven't tried that yet.

What is your top burger place?


dk said...

Canoe Club is great, one of the best in town: I haven't been there for review purposes yet though.

Med Grill is part of the Glo Restaurant Group (includes Glo Europub and the two Med Grills). The menus at all three places are very similar. I went to Glo a week or so ago, the review will be up in the next couple weeks.

Esquimalt burger stand is aight, I like it mostly for the atmosphere more than anything else. I love anywhere that allows me to eat in a parking lot.

So far I'd have to put Glo at, or near, the top of my list.

ps. thanks for reading and thanks for the recommendations!

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