Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Willow's Galley — 2559 Estevan Avenue — (250) 598-2711 (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Sunbather Cheeseburger w/Bacon and Fries


Willow's Galley is a little fish 'n' chips placed tucked away in Oak Bay's Estevan Village. The Galley is famous for its fishburger, so I figured they must do a pretty good beef option as well.

This burger comes with not one, but TWO types of cheese. You get ample amounts of swiss and cheddar on top of a third of a pound of beef. The mix of mayo, sweet relish, and mustard resting underneath the patty is near perfect. This burger would be in my Victoria Top 5 if it weren't for the beef. The beef used is obviously of supermarket quality, and is not appropriately seasoned to make up for that fact. The lack of seasoning makes the beef disapointingly bland.

Despite this glaring flaw, I will head back to the Galley eventually. $8 for a 1/3 pound and fries is probably the best deal you'll find in Victoria. I'm looking forward to going back to try their Buffalo Burger, which is hopefully less bland than the beef.


Kim said...

My family and I ate at Willow's Galley just a few weeks ago and we enjoyed it very much. My husband had the bison burger and he thought it was pretty good.

We live in Saskatchewan and were visiting Vancouver Island on vacation this month. Unfortunately, our laptop hard drive crashed recently and I lost all of my photos of our visit to the Island. Would you mind if I used your photo of this restaurant for my personal scrapbook?

dk said...

Feel free to use the picture.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that they have the most ridiculous hours for a "restaurant" or hole in the wall. Who the hell closes at 6:45PM on a Friday night???? I guess the Galley's hours are geared towards people who don't work, plan a day ahead a day to get a burger and like to eat at 5PM.

dk said...

Yah it's a bit of an early close time, but they're catering to a beach crowd. Generally there aren't many families lounging around the beach after 5 O'clock

More_Cowbell said...

worst of all they are closed on Sundays. They are located next to a beach and are closed on what would be their busiest day.

Anonymous said...

Hey! These guys have been here since 1979 at least. The owners work the shop - at least every time I've ever been there - and I think they are doing pretty well for themselves and have decided on a work life balance which suits them. Considering they own the house next door or two doors down and another about 100 metres to the north I would say it seems they are doing well enough enjoying their Sunday's with their families.
Note that the key to this type of business is the owner being an active participant in the operation.

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