Saturday, April 12, 2008

Red Robin — 800 Tolmie Avenue — Victoria — (250) 386-4440

Royal Red Robin Burger

First off I need to apologise for the crap quality of some of the photos on this site. Sometimes you're trying to snag a quick burger pic, and it ends up coming out not so hot.

Now that we've got that out of the way: on to the review! Red Robin was voted Victoria's number one burger spot by the Victoria News readers last year (new list out in June). Although the readers of the Victoria News don't know shit, and their top burgers list was an absolute farce, I do enjoy Red Robin a fair bit. Processed cheese, meat that's just a little salty, and a semi-sweet bun go rather well together. The problem with this burger is a fried egg without a runny yolk. There's no point in having a fried egg on a burger if the yolk is solid. I love when the yolk explodes overtop of the beef, and cascades down until it is married to the other condiments.

Despite the improperly prepared fried egg (in my opinion) Red Robin continues to be a pleasant experience. You know in Fast Times At Ridgemont High when Judge Reinhold describes All American Burger as not fast food, but good food quickly (or something like that)? Well that about sums up Red Robin: pleasant, but nothing to write home about. Alex "my dad went to Costa Rica and all I got was this Iguana t-shirt" Fachler gives it a smile and some thumbs.


Carter said...

What the hell's with all the burgers with egg. Who eats egg-burgers?


dk said...

Fried egg is one of the most popular burger toppings there is. It comes in right after bacon and cheese as far as add-ons go.

It's bonus is the yolk pretty much provides another condiment and juices up the whole operation.

beamer67ca said...

Pffffttttt, Red robins sucks. The only thing palatable on that menu are the cheese sticks. The best I have tasted, but a shadow of its former self. When I first went there the menu was absolutely phenominal but I guess they decided previously frozen is a much better quality choice than fresh. I have tried a number of thier burgers and I have to say for every version of burger they have on the menu there are umpteen versions out there that are way far superior than anything Red robins has to offer. Once upon a time the food there was enjoyable and satisfying but unlike most fairy tales this one does not have a happy ending.

meg said...


I totally dig that dude. He's the only person I've seen eat a burger in the same time I've taken two bites.

dk said...

fach rules, I haven't seen him in fucking ages, how's he doin?

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