Friday, April 25, 2008

Prairie Inn — 7806 East Saanich Road — Saanichton — (250) 652-1575

Belly Buster
$12 (+$2 extra for bacon)

Ah yes, The Prairie Inn: a place where legends are made, and little boys dream like men. Before going here I was led to believe the Belly Buster was a 1.5lb burger. Now having ate it, I would probably peg it at closer to a pound. Unfortunately the menu didn't mention weight, so I have to guess based on looks, and it doesn't look like a 1.5 to me.

Much like the Mountain Burger at Mrs. Riches, the Belly Buster has a rather ridiculous bun. It's a heavy sourdough number that suffers greatly from palling around in the fridge with the condiments, and neglecting to be toasted once removed. Guy actually cut the top off his bun because he couldn't deal with it (pictured at bottom of post).

Aside from the bun, the Belly Buster is a pretty solid burger. The patty is slightly charred, giving it that glorious campfire taste, and there's a pretty good condiment melange as well. I wasn't impressed with the $2 extra charge for bacon, but I will admit they gave me lots.

I do need to bitch a little about the ham though. Every time I order a burger with ham on the island it comes with paper thin slices. Thick cut that shit, or don't cut it at all! I know the papers keep saying we're headed for a food crisis, but we're talking burgers here — not pussy-ass fairy tutu kaiser rolls.

Despite cutting my chin on burger toothpicks, and worrisome signs of an island trend towards big buns on "big" burgers, the Prairie Inn was a fun trip. If they could figure out the bun issue, The Prairie Inn could have a real winner on its hands. I'll probably be back to try a burger with a more conventional bun.

Verdict: Don't believe the hype, but don't ignore this place either.


Gaetano said...

you failed to mention what I named my bun friend. "Bunny" was fun to play with.
Fuck the bun was BRUTES.
I don't like campfire taste, but overall you nailed the tail on the cross.
Public Enemy definitely wrote a song for this burger...ooooh

Jordan Stout said...

PLEASE turn this blog into your summer co op somehow!

dk said...

It would be nice to be able to devote 260 hours+ to burger eating over the summer, but sadly I'll have to put in my time at the frumpy ol' CBC.

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