Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Pacific — 463 Belleville Street (inside the Hotel Grand Pacific) — (250) 380-4458 —

House Made Beef Burger w/Cheddar, Bacon,
Bourbon BBQ Sauce, and Garlic Confit

Fries w/Manchetta Cheese and White Truffle Oil


Went down to The Pacific a week or two ago with Guy (who didn't eat, but did take notice of the buffet trays not yet removed at apx. 1pm). The Pacific's online menu made this burger look pretty appealing. Knowing that a team from the hotel had placed third at last year's Island Chef of the Year Awards made the trip even more exciting. In retrospect, I think that team was probably from sister restaurant The Mark.

I should note that this burger is only available on the lunch menu, as during the night this place gets a little classier menu-wise. I decided to go for all the extras, which made this burger pretty damn expensive. Cheese and bacon were a dollar each. The manchetta and white truffle oil for the fries was an extra four dollars. You are definitely paying for location when you eat at the Pacific: the fries are about one step away from McCain's (although the cheese and oil make them pretty tastey) and the burger patty looks suspicously pre-fab — despite the menu's claim to the contrary.

Generally I'm not a fan of BBQ Sauce on a burger, or even BBQ sauce in general, but The Pacific does a good job with their sauce. The garlic confit, however, is a different story. Its taste bore little resemblance to garlic, but major resemblance to mush.

Overall this burger was pleasing, but horrendously over-priced. It tasted like a slightly above-average backyard bbq burger, and I was pretty pissed off that they hadn't put more effort into their fries.

Final Verdict: not worth it; take a pass on this one.

ps. I just realised I'm 3 deep into this blog and haven't yet reviewed a place I would return to. That's going to change with the next review though. Willow's Galley coming up soon...


Gaetano said...

The burger looked decent, but the toppings you ordered for the fries didn't look like 4 dollar toppings.
In Division 1 buffet news...
It's an exciting time to be a buffet lover! The Oak Bay Marina looks like it might have some competition from the Hotel Grand Pacific...

dk said...

The fry topping was good, but yah they were kind of skimpy with the cheese.

Can't wait to get my first Buffet Blog post under my belt.

Anonymous said...

not bad for a hotel burger. The burger joint on Blanshard still has top spot.

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