Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mrs. Riches "Mountain Burger" News Wrap

So, a few weeks ago it was coming down to crunch time to get a two minute news wrap completed for my Video 2 class, and I was forced to make a tough decision on doing a piece about the needle exchange or the mental health of Victoria's homeless population.
I know! Pretty damn cliche topics when it comes to doing a news story.
Since I know you're all sick of hearing about the needle exchange, I decided to do something a little different, so I took the school video camera up to Nanaimo and documented Donald's experience eating the "Mountain Burger", something I ate in 2005 (that's my picture on the wall near the end of the piece) and will never do again; and I'm pretty sure neither will Don.

The video posted below is the end result of hours and hours of labouring over a computer screen.

Please don't mind the half ass voice over I attempted, and enjoy!


dk said...

Thanks for adding the write-up Guy.

I'm definitely never trying this again, although I'm thinking I might try the belly buster at Prairie Inn.

Gaetano said...

ehhh no problem, its my pleasure to show off the fruits of my sleepless night in the young building!

yeah i'll go hit that with you if you didnt already

Anonymous said...

Guys I just spent the best part of an hour reading my way through your blog, it's fantastic! This little vid was the icing on the cake (or should that be burger?), and I'm loving your Canadian accents lol.

- An Aussie fan-girl. :D

Anonymous said...

I've attempted that burger 3 times, and only got halfway through at best.

but that won't stop me from trying again and again!

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