Monday, April 21, 2008

Darcy's Pub — 1127 Wharf Street — (250) 380-1322 —

Classic Beef Burger
$12+$2 for Bacon and Cheese

Darcy's Pub seems to be one of the few restaurants on Wharf Street that locals actually frequent. This may be due to the fact there's a popular club upstairs, but maybe there's something more...

...or maybe there isn't. Darcy's is a fun place with a casual atmosphere, but the food is pretty standard pub-fare.

I decided against going for the house "Sanchez Burger" (refried beans and salsa on a burger could go a lot of different ways) and went for the classic beef instead. It took close to an hour for the burger to arrive. That's just way too long: no matter how busy you may be.

When I took my first bite I was a little upset by the crunchiness of the top bun: it felt more stale than toasted. The menu led me to believe there was green relish mayo on the burger, but a surfeit of mustard killed most of the mayo flavour. There are some burgers that lend themselves well to heavy amounts of mustard, but Darcy's has meat that deserves a decent mayo.

The meat is what you'd expect in any average pub, and the entire package was sort of ho-hum.

Verdict: A middle-of-the-road kind of experience.


Gaetano said...

that burger appears to have a nice amount of bacon on it

Jordan Stout said...

i popped into darcy's last week and ate... well i don't even remember. it was one of the burgers on the menu, likely chicken-based. it also took forever to show up but thankfully the harbour sunset view made the afternoon more enjoyable.

dk said...

Nice to see you chiming in Stout.

How was the chicken burg?

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